FA Cup Winners Past and Present

I love the FA Cup, it’s my favourite knock out competition. Over the last couple of decades it has been somewhat downgraded by the commercial aspect of the modern game.

With the Premier League and Champions League seen as the priorities for the biggest clubs, the FA Cup sometimes takes a back seat and it’s not as big an event as it used to be.

I would fix that in a heart-beat by awarding the FA Cup winners a Champions League place rather than the team that finish 4th in the Premier league.

This is a complete list of every FA Cup Final that has ever been played


FA Cup Final Results 2020 - 2029

2021Leicester City1-0Chelsea


Of the 12 different teams that played out the FA Cup Finals in the 2010’s, there were 5 different Winners

Five clubs shared the 10 FA Cup Finals

  • Arsenal 3
  • Chelsea 3
  • Manchester City 2
  • Manchester United
  • Wigan Athletic (First FA Cup Final win since 1969)

Arsenal & Manchester United swapped places as the FA Cup’s most successful Team. Arsenal currently lead the way with 13 Wins

FA Cup Final Results 2010 - 2019

2019Manchester City6-0Watford
2018Chelsea1-0Manchester United
2016Manchester United2-1Crystal PalaceExtra Time
2015Arsenal4-0Aston Villa
2014Arsenal3-2Hull CityExtra Time
2013Wigan Athletic1-0Manchester City
2011Manchester City1-0Stoke City


Of the 11 different teams that played out the FA Cup Finals in the 2000’s, there were 5 different Winners

Five clubs shared the 10 FA Cup Finals

  • Arsenal 3
  • Chelsea 3
  • Liverpool 2
  • Manchester United
  • Portsmouth (First win since 1939)

FA Cup Final Results 2000 - 2009

2008Portsmouth1-0Cardiff City
2007Chelsea1-0Manchester United
2006Liverpool3-3West Ham United3-1 Pens
2005Arsenal0-0Manchester United5-4 Pens
2004Manchester United3-0Millwall
2000Chelsea1-0Aston Villa


The most successful side of the 1990’s was Manchester United, winning the FA Cup four times and finishing runner up once.

In 1999 they would also win the Treble of The FA Cup, The Premier League and The Champions League.

I remember watching the Final in a crowded pub called the Beehive, in Swindon, it was on a small portable Television. Nothing like the 4K 60″ TV’s we have today.

FA Cup Final Results 1990 - 1999

1999Manchester United2-0Newcastle United
1998Arsenal2-0Newcastle United
1996Manchester United1-0Liverpool
1995Everton1-0Manchester United
1994Manchester United4-0Chelsea
1993Arsenal2-1Sheffield WednesdayExtra Time
1993Arsenal1-1Sheffield WednesdayReplay
1991Tottenham Hotspur2-1Nottingham ForestExtra Time
1990Manchester United1-0Crystal PalaceExtra Time
1990Manchester United3-3Crystal PalaceReplay


In the 1980’s two new Winners, Coventry City and Wimbledon, were added to the FA Cup roll of honour.

Queen’s Park Rangers, Watford and Brighton all made their first FA Cup Final appearances.

Three finals in succession required replays between 1981 and 1983.

FA Cup Final Results 1980 - 1989

1989Liverpool3-2EvertonExtra Time
1987Coventry City3-2Tottenham HotspurExtra Time
1985Manchester United1-0EvertonExtra Time
1983Manchester United4-0Brighton & Hove Albion
1983Manchester United2-2Brighton & Hove AlbionReplay
1982Tottenham Hotspur1-0Queens Park Rangers
1982Tottenham Hotspur1-1Queens Park RangersReplay
1981Tottenham Hotspur3-2Manchester City
1981Tottenham Hotspur1-1Manchester CityReplay
1980West Ham United1-0Arsenal


1976 was the year I saw my very first FA Cup final. Southampton beat Manchester United 1-0 and despite losing United became the team I would go on to support for the rest of my life.

I only has to wait one more year to see Utd lift the cup after they beat Liverpool 2-1 in 1977.

That was also the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and I can still remember the street party, in Liddington, as if it were yesterday

FA Cup Final Results 1970 - 1979

1979Arsenal3-2Manchester United
1978Ipswich Town1-0Arsenal
1977Manchester United2-1Liverpool
1976Southampton1-0Manchester United
1975West Ham United2-0Fulham
1974Liverpool3-0Newcastle United
1973Sunderland1-0Leeds United
1972Leeds United1-0Arsenal
1971Arsenal2-1LiverpoolExtra Time
1970Chelsea2-1Leeds United
1970Chelsea2-2Leeds UnitedReplay


The most successful side of the 1960’s was Tottenham Hotspur, winning the FA Cup three times.

While Leicester City lost all three finals they played in.

FA Cup Final Results 1960 - 1969

1969Manchester City1-0Leicester City
1968West Bromwich Albion1-0EvertonExtra Time
1967Tottenham Hotspur2-1Chelsea
1966Everton3-2Sheffield Wednesday
1965Liverpool2-1Leeds UnitedExtra Time
1964West Ham United3-2Preston North End
1963Manchester United3-1Leicester City
1962Tottenham Hotspur3-1Burnley
1961Tottenham Hotspur2-0Leicester City
1960Wolverhampton Wanderers3-0Blackburn Rovers


The most successful side of the 1950’s was Newcastle united, winning the FA Cup three times.

Both Manchester clubs and Birmingham clubs appeared regularly, as did Arsenal.

FA Cup Final Results 1950 - 1959

1959Nottingham Forest2-1Luton Town
1958Bolton Wanderers2-0Manchester United
1957Aston Villa2-1Manchester United
1956Manchester City3-1Birmingham City
1955Newcastle United3-1Manchester City
1954West Bromwich Albion3-2Preston North End
1953Blackpool4-3Bolton Wanderers
1952Newcastle United1-0Arsenal
1951Newcastle United2-0Blackpool


The second World War interrupted proceedings for the first five years, so only four FA Cup Finals took place in the 1940’s

FA Cup Final Results 1946 - 1949

1949Wolverhampton Wanderers3-1Leicester City
1948Manchester United4-2Blackpool
1947Charlton Athletic1-0BurnleyExtra Time
1946Derby County4-1Charlton AthleticExtra Time


Manchester City, Portsmouth, Preston and West Bromwich Albion all appeared twice, winning one and losing one final.

Arsenal were the most successful team of the decade winning two FA Cup finals, while Huddersfield Town lost both finals they played in.

Numbers were worn on the back of players’ shirts for the first time in 1933. Everton wore 1-11 and Manchester City 12-23.

FA Cup Final Results 1930 - 1939

1939Portsmouth4-1Wolverhampton Wanderers
1938Preston North End1-0Huddersfield TownExtra Time
1937Sunderland3-1Preston North End
1936Arsenal1-0Sheffield United
1935Sheffield Wednesday4-2West Bromwich Albion
1934Manchester City2-1Portsmouth
1933Everton3-0Manchester City
1932Newcastle United2-1Arsenal
1931West Bromwich Albion2-1Birmingham City
1930Arsenal2-0Huddersfield Town


As the first world war ended the resumption of the Football League and FA Cup represented a welcome return to normality.

The FA chose Stamford Bridge to host the Finals, while they developed plans to build a stadium that would be fit to become the home of association football. This was the Empire Stadium in Wembley.

FA Cup Final Results 1920 - 1929

1929Bolton Wanderers2-0Portsmouth
1928Blackburn Rovers3-1Huddersfield Town
1927Cardiff City1-0Arsenal
1926Bolton Wanderers1-0Manchester City
1925Sheffield United1-0Cardiff City
1924Newcastle United2-0Aston Villa
1923Bolton Wanderers2-0West Ham United
1922Huddersfield Town1-0Preston North End
1921Tottenham Hotspur1-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
1920Aston Villa1-0Huddersfield TownExtra Time


In July 1910 the FA Cup trophy, having been duplicated without the authority of the Football Association, was withdrawn and a new version, the third in the history of the competition, was commissioned from Messrs Fattorini & Sons of Bradford. This trophy is the one that clubs compete for to this day.

Newcastle finally got their hands on the FA Cup in 1910 after four final appearances only to have it snatched away again in 1911.

Chelsea made their first final appearance in 1915 after which the competition was suspended for the duration of World War I

FA Cup Final Results 1910 - 1919

1915Sheffield United3-0Chelsea
1913Aston Villa1-0Sunderland
1912Barnsley1-0West Bromwich Albion
1912Barnsley0-0West Bromwich AlbionReplay
1911Bradford City1-0Newcastle United
1911Bradford City0-0Newcastle UnitedReplay
1910Newcastle United2-0Barnsley
1910Newcastle United1-1BarnsleyReplay


During the early Edwardian period clubs from the Southern League challenged those from the Football League.

Newcastle United appeared in three finals but unfortunately for them they finished as losing finalists on all three occasions.

Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur both played in two finals and Manchester United won their FA Cup final in 1909

FA Cup Final Results 1900 - 1909

1909Manchester United1-0Bristol City
1908Wolverhampton Wanderers3-1Newcastle United
1907Sheffield Wednesday2-1Everton
1906Everton1-0Newcastle United
1905Aston Villa2-0Newcastle United
1904Manchester City1-0Bolton Wanderers
1903Bury6-0Derby County
1902Sheffield United2-1Southampton
1902Sheffield United1-1SouthamptonReplay
1901Tottenham Hotspur3-1Sheffield United
1901Tottenham Hotspur2-2Sheffield UnitedReplay


“In the 1890’s, the FA Cup came of age as the premier knock-out competition in the country and the professional teams from the Football League took a stranglehold on the competition.

By 1893, the Oval was no longer big enough to accommodate the final and the cricket authorities became concerned about damage to their pitch.

After two seasons in the north-west, the final took up a new home at the Crystal Palace, home of the Great Exhibition.

In September the original FA Cup was stolen from the shop window of William Shillcock, a shoemaker in Birmingham where it was on display.

The holders, Aston Villa were fined £25 which paid for a new trophy made by Messrs Vaughtons Ltd of Birmingham, copied from a miniature replica awarded by the club chairman to the winning Wolves side of 1893.

The original cup was never recovered”.

FA Cup Final Results 1890 - 1899

1899Sheffield United4-1Derby County
1898Nottingham Forest3-1Derby County
1897Aston Villa3-2Everton
1896Sheffield Wednesday2-1Wolverhampton Wanderers
1895Aston Villa1-0West Bromwich Albion
1894Notts County4-1Bolton Wanderers
1893Wolverhampton Wanderers1-0Everton
1892West Bromwich Albion3-0Aston Villa
1891Blackburn Rovers3-1Notts County
1890Blackburn Rovers6-1Sheffield Wednesday


The early years of the FA Cup had been dominated by teams from public schools, Universities and the Army.

This was to change throughout the 1880’s as professional teams from industrial towns were beginning to form, and as a result of this change to the way teams were being managed, the football league was formed in 1888.

FA Cup Final Results 1880 - 1889

1889Preston North End3-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
1888West Bromwich Albion2-1Preston North End
1887Aston Villa2-0West Bromwich Albion
1886Blackburn Rovers2-0West Bromwich Albion
1886Blackburn Rovers0-0West Bromwich AlbionReplay
1885Blackburn Rovers2-0Queens Park, Glasgow
1884Blackburn Rovers2-1Queens Park, Glasgow
1883Blackburn Olympic2-1Old EtoniansExtra Time
1882Old Etonians1-0Blackburn Rovers
1881Old Carthusians3-0Old Etonians
1880Clapham Rovers1-0Oxford University


The very first FA Cup final was played at the Kennington Oval in 1872 and was between Wanderers and Royal Engineers. Wanderers won 1-0

At the time it wasn’t called the FA Cup, but was more formally called the ‘Football Association Challenge Cup’. The FA Cup has since become the oldest domestic football competition in the world

Only three different teams won the Football Association Challenge Cup in the 1870’s

  • Wanderers 5
  • Royal Engineers 2
  • Oxford University

FA Cup Final Results 1872 - 1879

1879Old Etonians1-0Clapham Rovers
1878Wanderers3-1Oxford University
1877Wanderers2-1Old EtoniansExtra Time
1876Wanderers3-0Old Etonians
1876Royal Engineers1-1Old EtoniansReplay
1875Royal Engineers2-0Old Etonians
1875Royal Engineers1-1Old EtoniansReplay
1874Oxford University2-0Royal Engineers
1873Wanderers2-0Oxford University
1872Wanderers1-0Royal Engineers

I send a “Come On England” and big thanks to the sources that made this article possible: The FA, & Copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission.