League Cup Winners Past and Present

The English Football League Cup is competed for by all 92 members of the Premier League and English Football League and is played over seven rounds.

Since 1996, any teams involved in European competition during the season enter the competition in the third round; with the other Premier League sides entering in the second round, and the Football League teams entering in the first round.

The League Cup Final was first played in 1961 in a game which saw Aston Villa win against Rotherham.

This is a complete list of every League Cup Final that has ever been played

Manchester City started the 2020’s as they finished the 2010’s.

In 2021 they won the competition for the 4th successive year bringing their total to 8 League Cup wins, level with Liverpool.

In 2020 they won the competition for the 3rd successive year bringing their total to 7 League Cup wins, just one behind record winners Liverpool.

11-10 on Pens
2021Manchester CityTottenham Hotspur1-0Carabao Cup
2020Manchester CityAston Villa2-1Carabao Cup


The League Cup was dominated in the 2010’s by two big Manchester Clubs. City won 4 and United won 2

Six clubs shared the 10 League Cup Finals, the teams winning more than once are:

  • Manchester City 4
  • Manchester United 2

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
2019 Manchester City Chelsea 0-0
4-3 on Pens
Carabao Cup
2018 Manchester City Arsenal 3-0 Carabao Cup
2017 Manchester United Southampton 3-2 English Football League Cup
2016 Manchester City Liverpool 1-1
3-1 on Pens
Capital One Cup
2015 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Capital One Cup
2014 Manchester City Sunderland 3-1 Capital One Cup
2013 Swansea City Bradford City 5-0 Capital One Cup
2012 Liverpool Cardiff City 2-2
3-2 on Pens
Carling Cup
2011 Birmingham City Arsenal 2-1 Carling Cup
2010 Manchester United Aston Villa 2-1 Carling Cup



The League Cup was not really dominated by any one team in the 2000’s, three clubs won the final twice.

Seven clubs shared the 10 League Cup Finals, the teams winning more than once were:

  • Chelsea 2
  • Liverpool 2
  • Manchester United 2

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
2009 Manchester United Totttenham Hotspur 0-0
4-1 on Pens
Carling Cup
2008 Totttenham Hotspur Chelsea 2-1 Carling Cup
2007 Chelsea Arsenal 2-1 Carling Cup
2006 Manchester United Wigan Athletic 4-0 Carling Cup
2005 Chelsea Liverpool 3-2 Carling Cup
2004 Middlesborough Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Carling Cup
2003 Liverpool Manchester United 2-0 Worthington Cup
2002 Blackburn Rovers Totttenham Hotspur 2-1 Worthington Cup
2001 Liverpool Birmingham City 1-1
5-4 on Pens
Worthington Cup
2000 Leicester City Tranmere Rovers 2-1 Worthington Cup



Single-legged matches would be replayed as necessary until 1994, when penalties were introduced to settle the first replay; the last single-legged tie to require a replay was played in 1997.

The League Cup was not dominated by any one team in the 1990’s, only Aston Villa won the final twice.

Middlesborough reached the final in successive years but lost both matches.

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
1999 Totttenham Hotspur Leicester City 1-0 Worthington Cup
1998 Chelsea Middlesborough 2-0 Coca-Cola Cup
1997 Leicester City Middlesborough 1-0
Coca-Cola Cup
1996 Aston Villa Leeds United 3-0 Coca-Cola Cup
1995 Liverpool Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Coca-Cola Cup
1994 Aston Villa Manchester United 3-1 Coca-Cola Cup
1993 Arsenal Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Coca-Cola Cup
1992 Manchester United Nottingham Forest 1-0 Rumbelows Cup
1991 Sheffield Wednesday Manchester United 1-0 Rumbelows Cup
1990 Nottingham Forest Oldham 1-0 Littlewoods Challenge Cup



The League Cup was dominated in the 1980’s by Liverpool who won the competition four times and also finished runners-up, against Arsenal who won their first league Cup.

In 1980 Nottingham Forest were going for three wins in succession but finished on the losing side against Wolves. They would win again 9 years later against Luton Town

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
1989 Nottingham Forest Luton Town 3-1 Littlewoods Challenge Cup
1988 Luton Town Arsenal 3-2 Littlewoods Challenge Cup
1987 Arsenal Liverpool 2-1 Littlewoods Challenge Cup
1986 Oxford United Queens Park Rangers 3-0 Milk Cup
1985 Norwich City Sunderland 1-0 Milk Cup
1984 Liverpool Everton 1-0
Milk Cup
1983 Liverpool Manchester United 2-1 Milk Cup
1982 Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Milk Cup
1981 Liverpool West Ham United 2-1
Milk Cup
1980 Wolverhampton Wanderers Nottingham Forest 1-0 Football League Cup



The League Cup was not dominated by any one team in the 1970’s, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur all won the competition twice

Aston Villa’s victory against Everton in 1977 needed two replays, they won 3-2 at the third time of asking, drawing the previous games 0-0 and 1-1.

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
1979 Nottingham Forest Southampton 3-2 Football League Cup
1978 Nottingham Forest Liverpool 1-0
Football League Cup
1977 Aston Villa Everton 3-2
Football League Cup
1976 Manchester City Newcastle United 2-1 Football League Cup
1975 Aston Villa Norwich City 1-0 Football League Cup
1974 Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City 2-1 Football League Cup
1973 Tottenham Hotspur Norwich City 1-0 Football League Cup
1972 Stoke City Chelsea 2-1 Football League Cup
1971 Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa 2-0 Football League Cup
1970 Manchester City West Bromwich Albion 2-1 Football League Cup



The League Cup Final was played over two legs for the first six years, but became a one off fixture in 1967.

The numbers aligned in 1969, which is when I was born and my home town Club Swindon Town won the League Cup Final.

One of Swindon’s heroes, Don Rogers, is still a big part of the town running a sports shop in the Town.

Year Winners Runners-up Result Info
1969 Swindon Town Arsenal 3-1 Football League Cup
1968 Leeds United Arsenal 1-0 Football League Cup
1967 Queens Park Rangers West Bromwich Albion 3-2 Football League Cup
1966 West Bromwich Albion West ham United 1-2
Football League Cup
1965 Chelsea Leicester City 3-2
Football League Cup
1964 Leicester City Stoke City 1-1
Football League Cup
1963 Birmingham City Aston Villa 3-1
Football League Cup
1962 Norwich City Rochdale 3-0
Football League Cup
1961 Aston Villa Rotherham 3-0
Football League Cup


Most Successful League Cup Teams

In the 59 Years the League Cup has been played only 23 Teams have won



  League Cup Multiple Winners
8 Liverpool
7 Manchester City
5 Aston Villa
  Manchester United
4 Nottingham Forest
  Tottenham Hotspur
3 Leicester City
2 Arsenal
  Birmingham City
  Norwich City
  Wolverhampton Wanderers


League Cup Winners
Blackburn Rovers
Leeds United
Luton Town
Oxford United
Queens Park Rangers
Sheffield Wednesday
Stoke City
Swansea City
Swindon Town
West Bromwich Albion


League Cup Names

The League Cup has been played under many different names, as sponsorship has often changed

Competition Name Year
Carabao Cup 2017/18 to present
English Football League Cup 2016/17
Capital One Cup 2012/13 to 2015/16
Carling Cup 2003/04 to 2011/12
Worthington Cup 1998/99 to 2002/03
Coca-Cola Cup 1992/93 to 1997/98
Rumbelows Cup 1990/91 to 1991/92
Littlewoods Challenge Cup 1986/87 to 1989/90
Milk Cup 1980/81 to 1985/86
Football League Cup 1960/61 to 1979/80


Most Successful League Cup Managers

These are the most successful League Cup Managers, all of whom have won the League Cup more than once



Wins Manager
4 Jose Mourinho
  Sir Alex Ferguson
  Brian Clough
3 Pep Guardiola
  George Graham
  Bob Paisley
2 Manuel Pellegrini
  Gerard Houllier
  Martin O’Neill
  Ron Atkinson
  Ron Saunders
  Bill Nicholson
  Joe Mercer